Whether you’re building a new plant or you need to revamp your existing facility, Apex Automation can work with you to create an efficient control system for your needs. Our team of professionals is skilled in control system design and have proven to significantly enhance production, reliability and operation. In addition to specifying the appropriate hardware, software and network architecture, Apex Automation engineers can develop and stamp all required documentation including Electrical Drawings, Shutdown Keys, Critical Settings and Control Narratives. Apex Automation carries a Permit To Practice in Alberta and Certificate Of Authorization in Saskatchewan.


There’s no understating the importance of a proper controller for an industrial automation process. Our integrators have experience in all industrial sectors. An Apex integrator is not only an expert in developing code with various languages such as Function Block, Structured Text, Visual Basic, Ladder Logic etc. but we understand process. We work and communicate with all trades and operations seamlessly to understand the mechanics of what is required and can translate that into our program.


Apex Automation’s fabrication facility is located just northwest of Edmonton in Sturgeon County. The shop itself is 6000 sqft easily allowing fabrication of multiple control panels, large skids and MCC sections. We have the capability to test all three phase equipment up to 600V. All projects can be professionally engineered, stamped and CSA approved for general purpose, Class 1 Div 2 or any other client driven specification.


This is the all-important link between the control system and your operators. An intelligent user interface means that human-machine interactions are productive and intuitive–not frustrating time wasters. Apex Automation has worked with many facilities to improve their HMI system or have designed them from scratch. We pride ourselves in creating interfaces with endless functionality to improve operator response time and properly monitor maintenance concerns. Our common-sense HMI designs help you get all the information you need on your facility as efficiently as possible.


Apex Automation’s team is extremely diligent in its commissioning process. The safety of client personnel and equipment relies on a tested and proven control system so we take this seriously. Our in house lab allows for an effective and comfortable Factory Acceptance Test experience where our client can witness everything working perfect prior to even arriving on site. The Site Acceptance Test procedures and documentation ensure human error is eliminated as much as possible. Our staff also has the hands on experience to complete electrical and instrumentation hardware and wiring commissioning and eliminate potential issues that could delay start-ups significantly.


Apex has the technical knowledge to set up the infrastructure to flawlessly integrate your remote information. We can set up your central servers to host information from various remote sites all over the world. Apex can automate detailed reports and allow easy monitoring of remote sites by your production engineers and management teams. This information can allow for better decision making on the management level that can result in more efficient and effective business practices.



The business world doesn’t favour the slow or amateur. That’s why it’s key to have experienced and tested professionals in your corner. The seasoned personnel at Apex Automation understand what it takes to succeed. Industrial automation is our world and we help our customers understand and monitor their project from the design and development phase through to start-up. Our tools and strategies ensure projects are kept on time and under budget and allow transparency with all critical stakeholders. This translates to increased efficiency and production and an edge on competitors. Contact us today to find out how our project management expertise can help take you to the next level.


In addition to designing and developing control systems, Apex Automation will see them through the start-up and maintenance process. Our professional team can assist with the details that will get your system up and running. Get peace of mind: our invaluable experience in the world of industrial automation can make a plant start-up go as smoothly and hiccup-free as possible.