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Safety First is Our Motto

At Apex Automation, focus on safety is imperative. Whether on-site, in the office, on the road or at home, we strive to maintain a strong focus on safety. A genuine interest in the success of our people and their families goes hand in hand with a safety-oriented attitude and the necessary programs to maintain and ensure it is at the forefront of everything we do.

We Monitor Our Safe Work Practices in Real Time

Using modern technology and a tightly knit set of safe work practices, we manage our safe work daily.

Meet The Industry Standard

As an automation and fabrication company we strive meet all of the relevant industry standards and thus are a proud COR certificate holder.

Industrial Control System Automation In Western Canada

In the push for economic growth and competitiveness, today’s companies are continually seeking new methods of maintaining an edge over their competitors. In the industrial sector, automation plays an increasingly significant role in realizing this ambition.

What Others Have To Say About Us

“If I have to conclude on APEX’ scope in one single thought, that thought would then be that APEX is a Team in whose vocabulary “rework” does not exist. If all our Field Contractors would estimate and execute their scope as diligently as Apex Automation does, then Project Contingency will always morph into Cost Savings.” – Dan Tilimpea, P. Eng., PMP, Thermal Projects Group Coordinator

“I can assure you if I am in a position on another project at some point in the future I would do anything within my power to utilize APEX as my primary commissioning contractor. Your support, ethics, trust and quality of work are second to none – thank you.” – Jaime Klein, Senior Completions and Commissioning Manager